Our fly screens are a stylish and architectural insect screen solution.

3M Magnetic Screen
Formed with quality material, such as flexible PVC strips and 3M magnetic strips. Charcoal coloured fibreglass mesh is coated with protective vinyl which makes the screen strong and reliable.
PJ Projector Screen
This is effective way of keeping all pests out without spoiling your home’s appearance. The screen is formed with durable fibreglass mesh which provides an excellent transparent visibility and superior airflow while keeping insects away atthe bay.
Pleated Screen
Insect screen not only it blocks the insects, it can also enhance your interior. Pleated screen is a good example. It can cover up to span of 10-15m and height of 3m.
PJ Retractble Door
Not only for the window, retractable screen can be installed on your door.
Definitely an affordable solution for places where security is not required. Our fly screen door helps with a good airflow while keeping the insects away at the bay.
Wind Resistant Door
Roll semi auto is suitable for those people who are looking for reliable screen that can resist in strong wind.
Similar to PJ retractable screen, pressing a switch mesh will rolled back to the side and gives you easy access. The roll in the middle gives extra strength to the mesh and makes the screen extra stable.
Security Screen
Keep your child and your family safe!
Security is becoming an ever-increasing requirement for home and business and homeowners. Our new security scree provides a peace of mind to your family so you can keep away from buglers and insects.

Made to fit all NZ windows 

All windows and doors are customized to fit perfect on your windows & doors. Email us photos of your doors and windows we will then direct you how to measure.